Episode 65 - Resident Evil 3 (Remake) Part 3: The Canonical Issue

Rounding off our trilogy of episodes focusing on Resident Evil 3 Remake, the team assembles to discuss the always controversial issue of canon and where this shiny, pretty new game stands in comparison to its much-loved original. Whereas Remake 2 more of less played it safe when it came to introducing major new elements, Remake 3 certainly wasn't afraid of introducing new lore and pushing the boundaries further than ever before. We discuss the important distinction between canon and continuity and what Capcom are achieving by simultaneously loading the game with Outbreak references yet making changes that retcon the events of those games out of existence. We also analyse new elements such as Dr Bard and the vaccine, the changes to Nemesis itself, and whether the advent of these remakes makes us question whether the concept of canon is more important than ever, or not at all... Finally we briefly touch on what these Raccoon City remakes mean for the future of the series. Please enjoy.

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