Episode 25 - Resident Evil Remake HD Remaster

Season 3 kicks off with the team reunited after a year's absence and we welcome long-time community member Rombie of 'Resident Evil Fan: A New Blood' fame as the latest addition to the panel line-up. Here we discuss all the relevant news whilst we've been away including the announcement of Biohazard: Heavenly Island. Rombie also reveals exclusive details from a behind-closed-doors Capcom event showcasing a preview build of Resident Evil Revelations 2 in which he got to sample Claire's campaign, Raid Mode and chat with the producers of the game. The main discussion then focuses on a technical review of the brand new HD remaster of the 2002 Game Cube remake of the original Resident Evil. We examine the up-scaled visuals and revamped lighting engine as well as the remastered sound and the new 16:9 camera and modern control schemes, giving honest opinion on what areas worked and what didn't. Finally this edition closes with the welcome return of Neptune's Biohazard quiz.

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