Episode 31 - Resident Evil 2 Remake Speculation

So it's finally happened. A dream announcement for some but a nightmare to others, Resident Evil 2 Remake is officially a go. With Capcom announcing no information on the project is to be released for some time, our panel sits down and thrashes out a heated argument as to the pros and cons of such a project. Is it a chance to recapture the old magic, or are Capcom showing signs of desperation as Resident Evil 7 is delayed once again? Will it be static camera? Will it be over the shoulder? Will it be faithful to the original or will it just be one gigantic mess? Cautious optimism from George Trevor is all but drowned out by the tidal wave of negativity generated by STARS_TyranT and TheBatman. But all Neptune wants is an appearance by Tyler Hamilton from Confidential Report and the broken Nemesis window in the R.P.D. to be addressed...

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