Episode 36 - Resident Evil: The Stage

This episode looks at the little-known stage play performed during a three week run in Tokyo last winter. The plot is set between the events of Resident Evil 5 and 6 and features the long-awaited return of Rebecca Chambers in her first chronological appearance since Resident Evil Zero. After coming to blows over factory designs and corporate logos last month, our panel sit down to analyse the story and discuss whether Resident Evil can transition successfully to a theatrical stage setting. We look at the characters, the acting, the costumes and the production design, coming away feeling quite positive which makes a refreshing change of late. In the news we look ahead to Tokyo Game Show 2016, speculating on 'The Lantern' trailer and the recent ESRB leak revealing the core plot and specific scenes from Resident Evil 7. Finally season 3 of the podcast signs off with an extended edition of Neptune's Biohazard Quiz.

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