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November 3rd, 2019    

Episode 2 - Resident Evil Revelations 3DS

And so we creep ever closer back to the very beginning of this journey as we now revisit early 2012 when Resident Evil Revelations had just debuted on the Nintendo 3DS. This represented the first major title since Darkside Chronicles and was the second successive storyline prequel since the release of Resident Evil 5. Reception to Revelations was quite positive at the time, although fans were taken aback by its overly complicated storyline, something that was not helped by some of the worst file mistranslations in the series history. Here we break down the characters, the enemies and the environments as we attempt to piece together just exactly what is going on. It's easy to forget the unique features the 3DS version had, such as first person view and of course the 3D aspect itself. Also featured on this episode is a preview of Operation Raccoon City, which at the time of recording was just a few weeks away from a highly controversial release. Joining us as special guest for this one was Project Umbrella staff member Ridley.

October 10th, 2019    

Episode 55 - Resident Evil Project Resistance Reveal

The team sit down to assess release reaction to the Project Resistance announcement. STARS_TyranT and Rombie were also chosen to take part in the closed beta, showcasing one level of the game with playable options for both 'survivor' and 'mastermind'. We look at the format, the Outbreak connection and how it compares to previous spin-offs. Cautious optimism seems to be the general consensus of opinion at this stage, despite Neptune and George Trevor admitting this really isn't their type of Resident Evil game. We discuss the pros and cons so far and whether is has a place in the larger canon. And thank the world for Daniel Fabron's extraordinary accent and dialogue. Bonjour.

September 24th, 2019    

PU Podcast Presents: The Outtakes

As a special treat to those who have supported us over the years and helped us reach this milestone of 100,000 Podbean downloads, we present a collection of outtakes taken from across all five seasons of the show. Of course our professionalism is exemplary and we never, ever make mistakes - but now and then the odd error does occur. Fluffed lines and strange noises are just the tip of the iceberg here. Who likes to undress whilst interviewing DC Douglas? Who engages in other 'questionable' hobbies whilst the podcast is recording? What other podcasts discuss the complexities of the Progenitor Virus whilst simultaneously cleaning up dog poo from the bathroom floor? Do you recall the episode where one of us was hit over the head with a vase and burgled mid-recording? And who just had to have too much wine when we happened to feature our first female guest? These are just some of the escapades we have in store for you here. We are so grateful for your continued support and we will vow to carry on fighting the good fight when it comes to all things Resident Evil. So sit back, enjoy, and shake your head at a bunch of idiots with a blatant inability to say 'goodbye' in the correct order. 

September 4th, 2019    

Episode 54 - Resident Evil Gun Survivor Retrospective

Following on from our popular RE1 and RE2 playthroughs, the team now turn their attention to the original Gun Survivor. Released in 2000, this much maligned and often forgotten about gem is now nothing but a memory for long time fans and the newer generations probably have never played it at all. The game remains unavailable to purchase digitally and physical copies are a rarity these days. The reason for doing a playthrough of this game was twofold. One is quite simply because we all have a fondness for it, but secondly and perhaps most importantly, we realise a significant portion of the current fan base will never have any intention of playing this game, thanks to its lackluster reception and shocking production values. Therefore, join Neptune, Batman, STARS Tyrant and Rombie as they guide you through the game from start to finish, exploring every possible route and analyzing the story and gameplay as they go. Who needs Blue Umbrella, Chris Redfield or Leon Kennedy when you have Ark Thompson, Vincent Goldman and er... Vincent's mother??

August 24th, 2019    

Episode 3 - Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Time for another early episode plucked from the dusty shelves of the archives cupboard. This time we go back to 2012, shortly after the release of the highly controversial Operation Raccoon City. Following hot on the heels of Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS, this initial review was done before the release of the arguably much better Spec Ops DLC campaign and in the midst of what was a troubling time for the series. This game saw release around the time veteran series producer Masachika Kawata stated Resident Evil was too big for the survival horror market and that the series should increase the action focus of RE4 and 5, something that didn't go down well with fans at that time. Join Neptune, Batman, George Trevor, Mr Spencer and special guest Zombie Fred as they break down this non-canonical entry into the series, trying to be find a few positives amidst a sea of negatives in what is a a valiant but ultimately rushed and buggy product.

July 25th, 2019    

Episode 53.5 - Resident Evil AMA and Community Special

Welcome to another community special episode recorded live in our discord server alongside many of our long-time listeners. This was a unique chance for the community to talk shop over various Resident Evil related conundrums and a chance to ask our panel any burning questions. Join Neptune moderating alongside STARS_TyranT, George Trevor and Rombie as they ponder the burning issues. Is the original Dr. Wesker still alive? Could Resident Evil Gaiden really be canon? And what is everybody's top four all-time favourite B.O.W.s? News talk includes Biohazard Valiant Raid and the upcoming Nintendo Switch ports. Finally George Trevor's return to the quiz only leads to inevitable controversy...

May 12th, 2019    

Episode 53 - Resident Evil 5 Retrospective

The latest episode sees the team look back on the 10th anniversary of Resident Evil 5, still the franchise's most successful and best-selling game to date. We look at how the game has held up over the years, looking at the gameplay mechanics, visuals, and the narrative and how it has influenced the direction of the series ever since. Having done a recent co-op playthrough with Rombie, Neptune is able to look at the game with fresh eyes and has gained a whole new appreciation for the main campaign. Our special community guest Sonny Bauer also reflects on his own recent experiences with removing the green filter that he believes is a detriment to the still-stunning visuals. STARS_Tyrant still champions the game after all this time and yes, Wesker is still definitely dead.

April 8th, 2019    

Episode 52 - What a Katastrophe!

In this special episode it is our pleasure to have with us the Capcom UK Community Manager for Resident Evil, the lovely Kat! Needing no introduction, she is a long-standing member of the Resident Evil community dating back many years. In a candid interview, Kat tells us her history with the franchise and how she first got immersed when playing Resident Evil 2 as a child. She offers her personal thoughts on how the series has progressed and what makes it still enduring to this day. She also touches on her own journey in securing a dream position with Capcom and moving from her native Sweden to the UK. Finally she is brave enough to try her hand at a fiercely competitive edition of Neptune's biohazard quiz. Herb-flavored ice cream anyone?

March 10th, 2019    

Episode 51 - Resident Evil 2 (Remake) Part 3: The Canonical Issue

After what seems like an age our panel finally sit down to discuss the thorny issue of the canonicity of Resident Evil 2 Re imagined. Just where does the game stand in the larger series? Is it completely non-canonical, a so-called luxury product of its time that sits alone and is completely self-contained? Or is it a direct replacement that renders the old RE2 invalid? What if the new can be combined with the old to provide the full and complete story of Resident Evil 2 for the first time? All the above is pondered as our team discuss and dissect some of the story changes, additions and omissions in the re-imagined storyline. We also look ahead to what Remake 3 might provide based on what this game tells us. Please enjoy.

March 4th, 2019    

Episode 50.5 - Resident Evil 2 (Remake) Part 2: Community Feedback

In part two of our three part series on Resident Evil 2 Remake, we hand the reins over to the community in an episode dedicated to fan reception and feedback on the game. We have call-ins from various members of the fandom from far and wide, each with their own unique, interesting and eye-opening insights to lay upon us. Please enjoy.

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