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October 23rd, 2018    

Episode 47 - Resident Evil Survivor 2: Code Veronica

After nearly 7 years of Resident Evil podcasting it's become apparant that we are fast running out of topics to discuss, certainly when it comes to the games themselves at least. With that in mind, for your listening pleasure we now present an analysis of the forgotten 'classic' that is Gun Survivor 2: Code Veronica. Originally an arcade machine dubbed 'Biohazard: Firezone', the game was eventually ported across to the Playstation 2 with a few extra modes and additional treats for a whopping full price package. It remains a very obscure title and never actually received a release in the United States. Here our team dissects each game mode and explains what they have to offer, as well as looking at controversial inclusions such as the Nemesis and other Raccoon City B.O.W.s. The canon conundrum is of course discussed and we take a look at the lasting legacy of the Gun Survivor series as a whole. News discussion is dominated by Remake 2 in the aftermath of Tokyo Game Show and finally this episode is broken up with a small sub-discussion on Biohazard: Heavenly Island. Enjoy. 


September 30th, 2018    

Episode 20 - Resident Evil Zero

Another golden oldie now as we slowly but surely work through the back catalogue of old episodes. This one covers the original release of Resident Evil Zero on the Nintendo Game Cube and was originally recorded in August 2013. The news at the time was pretty slow with Capcom seeking feedback on the polarising Resident Evil 6 and the release of Naughty Dog's 'The Last of Us' being more in line with what fans expect from a survival horror title. 

For the main discussion Batman largely stands alone in his defence of Zero with the majority opinion being that it failed to capture the magic of Remake and the implementation of too many gimmicks such as the partner zapping and lack of item boxes soured the experience somewhat. As always we discuss what was good, what was bad, and analyse the characters, environments, enemies, and the story. So if you're into giant insects, leeches, magic elevators and comic book NPC powers, this one is for you. Special community guest is Yoke.


August 26th, 2018    

PU Podcast Presents: Resident Evil Audio Commentary

It may have taken six years but we have finally sunk to a new low and reached topics we promised we would never touch when we first launched this podcast venture. The first live-action Resident Evil feature film written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson is a highly devisive and controversial entry resulting in many colourful and divided opinions across the fanbase. Those who listen to our podcast regularly will be well aware that aside from perhaps our astute and well spoken host, the film doesn't rate very highly on our spectrum. But we invite you now to join us in a viewing of the film with our commentary and opinions for your enjoyment. A tremendously excited Neptune is joined by Rombie, Batman and STARS Tyrant as we sit down and 'enjoy' this 'thrilling entry in the Resident Evil franchise'. For some of our panel it was the first time viewing the film for well over ten years and the result was interesting to say the least. Rombie at least provides many interesting annecdotes having closely followed the development of the film back in the day and Nick tells a tale about how he almost acquired a Cerberus prop from the film. We apologise in advance for some audio syncing issues with this one. Beacuse of our exemplary professionalism and enthusiasm about this particular venture, some of us had to quickly source last minute copies of the film in order to do this and therefore the speed issues between PAL and NTSC were an unavoidable factor. Be prepared to fast forward and rewind several times! This was an experimental and completely unedited spin off of the regular podcast so if you would like to see more of these commentaries, be it these films, the CGI movies or even playthroughs of the games themselves, then let us know. Please enjoy. 


July 11th, 2018    

Episode 46 - Resident Evil 2 Remake Reveal

After three long years, Remake 2 is finally revealed to the public eye via E3 2018. Our panel reconvenes for a lengthy analysis of the two reveal trailers and the RPD demo that was playable at the conference. Since the initial announcement it has been no secret that our team has been quite vocal and somewhat skeptical about the project. Now that it is out in the open and with just six months to go until release, is it time to reconsider a reimaging of the original material or is it still hallowed ground that should never be touched? Have a listen and find out! #hatsonallenemies


May 13th, 2018    

Episode 45 - Happy Birthday Resident Evil 2

Welcome to our tribute to Resident Evil 2, the original classic sequel released way back in 1998 that now celebrates its 20th birthday! Following the format from our successful RE1 birthday special, each panel member chose a different scenario and headed off into the R.P.D. to see what horrors lurked within. We go in depth on how the game has aged and how well it holds up in this day and age. The legacy is also debated and we take you on a chronological tour through the game via all four scenarios and discuss numerous talking points along the way. With the highly controversial Remake 2 on the horizon, this episode provided one last opportunity to experience the original with unblemished eyes before Capcom's inevitable reimagining takes full focus. Please enjoy.


January 25th, 2018    

Episode 44 - Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition

After a long and anticipated wait, Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition is finally upon us and almost a year after its original release we now have access to the complete package with all the DLC included. This episode has a heavy emphasis on the final two story chapters, Not A Hero and End of Zoe, and we look at the return of Chris Redfield and analyse the resurrection of Umbrella Corporation as a Private Military Company. We discuss how the DLC fits with the rest of the game and look at other story beats such as the White Molded and The Connections. End of Zoe is also reviewed with discussions about the sudden and jarring inclusion of Joe Baker, as well as more controversial aspects such as the 'Umbrella Power Glove' and the melee combat which arguably kills a lot of the horror. Finally we assess the complete package as a whole and give our frank opinions on where Resident Evil 7 sits alongside the rest of the series. 


December 4th, 2017    

Episode 43 - Resident Evil: The B.O.W. Files

This episode is the result of another frequent listener request as our team sit down and examine some of the nefarious creations developed by Umbrella Corporation and others across the series. This particular area is Neptune's forte and he goes into detail on the Hunter and Tyrant programs in particular before looking at fan examples of best and worst B.O.W.s submitted via our facebook page. News discussion is dominated by the impending release of Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition and Rombie breaks down some impressive sales figures for the franchise recently presented by Capcom. Please enjoy.


October 5th, 2017    

Episode 42 - Resident Evil: A History of Raccoon City

This episode is a direct result of requests from the community to dedicate a feature length episode to everything Raccoon City. We look at the history of the town using sources from multiple titles as well as the geography and general asthetic that has changed and evolved from game to game. Inevitably talk often diverges onto Resident Evil Remake 2 and we also look at where Raccoon may be located in the real world. Making up the bulk of the discussion is a breakdown of the enitre Raccoon City incident from the initial causes, to the chronology of events, and then the ultimate aftermath. In the news we briefly touch on the release of Resident Evil Revelations HD for the current generation consoles and the recent news from Tokyo Game Show concerning RE7's upcoming DLC Not A Hero and End of Zoe. 


August 3rd, 2017    

Episode 41 - Resident Evil: Vendetta

With Resident Evil 7 now behind us our attention turns back to the wider universe with the release of the third canonical CG film. Entitled Resident Evil Vendetta, the film again stars Leon S. Kennedy and picks up sometime after the events of Resident Evil 6. Also along for the ride this time are Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers, the latter making her first on-screen appearance since The Stage and Resident Evil Zero before that. As usual we dissect the film scene by scene and assess what worked and what didn't. Rombie is in full film analysis mode here as we discuss the portrayal of the three flagship characters, the new villain Glenn Arias, and the quick return to heavy action following the slow-burning horror of RE7. We break down the plot by looking at whether the 'vendetta' angle was successful based on character motivation, how the new A-Virus worked and whether an epic outbreak across New York was something the series really needed. Do audiences care about just another one-shot bad guy? What is the point behind Leon's involvement, and just who trains B.S.A.A. snipers wielding rail guns in this day and age? 


April 6th, 2017    

Episode 40 - Resident Evil 7 - The Aftermath

This episode is essentially a filler episode to catch up on the news and to evaluate points and community feedback to Resident Evil 7 that we didn't get around to in last month's episode. Now that the dust has settled we look back on the game and assess our original opinions. Specifically we look at some of the negative aspects of the game such as the lack of enemy variety, the disappointing final third and the graphical inconsistencies. But despite all these points, we are all still very happy with the game. Capcom's latest statement about Chris Redfield's appearance also triggers another debate and as always we sign off with another round of Neptune's biohazard quiz. 


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