Season 1 - The Missing Pieces


After a rough pilot in Jan 2012 covering a preview of Revelations and Operation Raccoon City, the team reconvened the next month on to tackle the PS1 original game for their first official episode - seemingly a great place to start properly, then followed that up with a 2nd Episode on RE Revelations 3DS with special guest Ridley.


Controversy begets, something that the PU Podcast guys are not far way most of the time from when they got down to discuss Operation Raccoon City's release. Special guest Zombie Fred was also not a fan unsurprisingly, nor was most of the regulars.


By the forth episode the team took on the well-received title Dead Aim, also known as Gun Survivor 4: Heroes Never Die. While not perfect, there was enough solid material to make a game worth playing... just maybe not with the light gun so much. While he had been in the pilot episode, S.T.A.R.S.Tyrant makes his first guest appearances before joining full time later on.


Episode 5 was a big one covering Resident Evil 4, not just the game itself but the history of everything that came out before it including the various builds shown off during its more than 5 year development time, with ORC fan Smiley in the guest chair to help break it all down.


Moving on to Episode 6 the team spent a lot of time talking their way through the amazing title that is the original Resident Evil 2 on the PS1. Some history also covering the 1.5 origins are discussed, along with two guests - Welsh and also another ex-THIA RPD Dispatch podcast member, TheSelfishGene to help bring some history to the current podcast.


With the release of demos covering some of the soon to be released Biohazard 6, Episode 7 brought the team along to discuss this as well as the upcoming animated film Damnation having had a trailer launch. The following month a look back at the Wii Shooter the Darkside Chronicles just in advance of it's own HD re-launch with Sindra making a one time guest appearance due to the absurdity of being on a podcast with the bunch of idiotic guys.


The other classic title, the Remake, was the focus of the 9th episode of the podcast - with the team joined by future podcast member Rombie, who clearly wasn't Sindra much to the others disappointment, to discuss its merits and for everyone to give it massive high praise and scores. Following that the 10th Episode saw the team joined by plot analysis author Thomas Wilde to join in on a discussion focused on the original release of Code Veronica in 2000.


With the release of a demo for the then upcoming Resident Evil 6, the team looked back to the release of the last major title prior - RE5 - in episode 11. Finally rounding out the first season in late September 2012, the team looked into the then recently released Damnation CGI film with guest Archelon and then finished out the season crowning an overall winner in the quiz for the first round!