Season 1 - The Missing Pieces


After a rough pilot made in Jan 2012 covering a preview of RE Revelations and Operation Raccoon City, the team reconvened the next month on to tackle the PS1 original game for their first official episode - seemingly a great place to start properly, then followed that up with a 2nd Episode on RE Revelations 3DS with special guest Ridley. Controversy begets, something that the Resident Evil Podcast guys are not far way most of the time from when they got down to discuss the newly released Operation Raccoon City for the 3rd episode. Special guest Zombie Fred was also not a fan unsurprisingly, nor was most of the regulars.


By the forth episode the team took on the well-received title Dead Aim, also known as Gun Survivor 4: Heroes Never Die originally released in 2004. While not perfect, there was enough solid material to make a game worth playing... just maybe not with the light gun so much. While he had been in the pilot episode, S.T.A.R.S.Tyrant makes his first guest appearances before joining full time later on to join in the discussion. Episode 5 then was a big one covering Resident Evil 4, and not just the game itself but the history of everything that came out before it - including the various builds shown off during its more than 5 year development time, with ORC fan Smiley in the guest chair to help break it all down.


Moving along on to Episode 6 the team spent a lot of time talking their way through the amazing title that is the original Resident Evil 2 on the PS1. Some history also covering the 1.5 origins are discussed, along with two guests, Welsh, and also another ex-THIA R.P.D. Dispatch podcast member, TheSelfishGene, to help bring some history to the current podcast. Resident Evil 2 was such an epic title it only seemed fitting to have so many people passionately revisiting the title.


With the release of demos covering some of the soon to be released Biohazard 6, Episode 7 brought the team along to discuss this as well as the upcoming animated film Damnation, having just had a trailer launch for the film to discuss. The following month returned to visiting a specific title, this time a look back at the Wii Shooter the Darkside Chronicles just in advance of it's own HD re-launch. The crew was joined by fan Sindra, making a one time guest appearance due to the absurdity of being on a podcast with the bunch of idiotic guys. We don't know if it was Mr. Spencer's fault, but it seemed the most likely.


The other classic title, the 2002 Gamecube Resident Evil Remake, was the focus of the 9th episode of the podcast - with the team joined by future podcast member and veteran webmaster Rombie, who clearly wasn't Sindra - much to the others disappointment; especially Mr Spencer, to discuss its merits and for everyone to give it massive high praise and scores. Following that the 10th Episode of the podcast saw the team joined by plot analysis author Thomas Wilde to join in on a discussion focused on the original release of Code Veronica. Thomas had taken on following the various plot changes over the years, so it was a good spot for him to come in to discuss where the wider reaching plot really started to take off with the games release back in 2000.


With the release of a public demo for the then upcoming Resident Evil 6, the team looked back to the release of the last major title prior - Resident Evil 5 - in episode 11. The team was divided over the games quality and it's rehashing of Resident Evil 4, but it's certainly also got its fans on the podcast. Finally rounding out the first season in late September 2012, the team looked into the then recently released Damnation CGI film with guest Archelon before finishing out the season crowning an overall winner in Neptune's quiz!


Season 2 - Beginning of the End.... or End of the Beginning?


Launching out the gates in October of 2012, the team looked down the barrel of the gun that was the release of Biohazard 6 and aren't entirely sure what they're looking at. After a brief break to digest what they just played and enjoy a well earned Christmas break, the team reconvened for Episode 14 - a look back at the year of 2012 in review for the franchise - the highs and the many, many, lows and look for whatever hope they can scrape from the year.


With Episode 15, Rombie makes a second guest appearance to discuss the surprisingly underrated Gun Survivor on podcast, which indeed was correct - the podcast are surprised to find that they'd forgotten how good it was in a lot of ways. Moving from one type of shooter to another the first Wii shooter title Umbrella Chronicles is looked at in the next episode, in both it's original Wii and more recent HD releases, with M-Greg as the guest. Given the content, canon is indeed question of the day - what can be taken and what is a poor imitation of the original games.


The next two titles covered, Biohazard 3 in Ep 17, and Resident Evil Outbreak in Ep 18 - certainly are well beloved and the team takes their time dissecting every element of both games. The team has some passionate Outbreak supporters especially, who can't stop talking about just how underated the title is. An HD re-release of Revelations brings the team back again quickly the next month to pick apart the title since it's move from the 3DS to some surprise on how fast it happened.


Episode 20 brings in Yoke as a guest when the discussion focuses on Resident Evil Zero looking back when the title was still only on the Nintendo Gamecube. This was followed up by a special episode, Number 21, where the podcast moved from audio to video... with the team joining forces in person and somehow being involved in an actual zombie outbreak. If you're looking for this, you won't be able to find it on Podbean - being a video it is located on our YouTube channel!


Thankfully it proved to be short lived, with some mysterious survivors... and a return to the norm with Episode 22 covering Outbreak File 2 where TheSelfishGene also returns to break down what was successful and not so successful about the game. Welsh joins in on the following podcast where the team broke down the first of the CGI Resident Evil films, Degeneration. The second season then ended with Episode 23, a menagerie of miscellany Resident Evil style... which was at one point thought to be the end of of the Podcast entirely. How things can change however...