Season 5 - Remakes, Retellings, Returns... Oh My!


The first episode return for Season 5, number 49, is a final preview before the release of Resident Evil 2... perfectly timed for everyone's views on the game to become Episode 50 of The Resident Evil Podcast. None of the podcasters expected to last several episodes, let alone 50 of them. The outcome on the game was so massive that Episode 50 was followed by 50.5, covering discussions from our audience call in, and also Episode 51 which looked at the debate around the canon of the game.


For Episode 52, the podcast welcomed it's first guest in quite a while as the team sat down to talk with Capcom Europe Community Manager Kat regarding her history with the franchise and making her way to the role working for Capcom in regards to all things Resident Evil. It was an amazing insight into how someone can be a fan and end up working with the franchise they are extremely passionate about! A highly recommended episode.


Having reached early 2019, Resident Evil 5 had now become 10 years old! How time flies! So the team struck out to revisit the game, which included numerous streams including from S.T.A.R.S._TyranT, and even Neptune's first one with Rombie. After being reaquainted with the title, the team had a great time talking about the game and it's impact. The 53rd episode was followed up by two extra episodes - a second Podcast presents look back at the 2nd Live Action film, this time joined by guest Sonny, and then a 53.5 episode which was an Ask (Us) Anything community special done live on our Discord server. Both episodes we're well enjoyed by the podcast crew, and the feedback was well recieved from our listeners.


A replay of Resident Evil Survivor followed, this time the team broke the game into various paths and played through and compared and contrasted their games. Different than a straight forward look and review of the title, it allowed the team to really get into the parts of the game they enjoyed and the ones they didn't. Surprisingly this approach would result in an even better outcome a few episodes later.


In late September, as a special gift for Podbean downloads reaching 100,000 - an special reel of bloopers and other outtakes was released for everyone to see how professional we really are. Which isn't. Especially the random noises that mostly come from George Trevor. Except that time TheBatman unzipped his pants while there was a special guest. Or every episode when we try to say goodbye and no one does it right.


Moving onto the next episode - after numerous rumours, Capcom then announced and released a beta test for a new online Resident Evil title, Project Resistance, which some of the staff managed to get on and try. So Episode 55 was a look at the content and what it means for the future of online Resident Evil titles. While some lamented this was not Outbreak, and some of the characters were a little weird, the actual game was surprisingly quite fun and the team looked forward to seeing where this would lead.


Another birthday Episode followed that podcast, this time dealing with the 20th Birthday of the release of Resident Evil 3 Nemesis / Biohazard Last Escape. As mentioned during the Survivor podcast, the breakdown of multiple paths led to a very indepth episode where all the Podcasters played different versions of the games and took their own paths and selections throughout. A highly recommended episode also!


The timing on the Resident Evil 3 episode couldn't have been better, as mere weeks later Capcom announced officially the Resident Evil 3 Remake we all thought might happen was coming. And mere months away in April of 2020. So for Episode 57 we looked at the announcement, as well as Resident Evil Resistance, the rebranded online game that now is part of the RE3 Remake. Being the last episode of the season Neptune rounded it out with a final quiz for the season where anyone can win! You won't even guess the outcome!


All while this was going on the podcast had been remastering and reposting the earliest episodes back onto Podbean for listeners to go back to hear where it all began! Hopefully we've gotten better, but the old content is just as fun!


Season 6 - Fresh Year, Fresh Approach


As part of the end of Season 5, Neptune announced the team had decided to reach a fresh start with an new rebrand that focused on what the podcast and content was about and not the history of the origins, so the newly rebranded Resident Evil Podcast launched off with Episode 58 focused on Code Veronica for it's 20th Birthday! The podcast itself gets a relaunch under the new name, with new logo branding, and a new website to host our associated bonus content as well! And we give away a prize pack that includes a signed copy of Resident Evil 7 by the game's director and producer!


As the countdown towards the release of Resident Evil 3 remake approaches, the team sits down for one last preview and thoughts episode before Episode 60, where the outcome of the Resident Evil 3 Remake as by the Resident Evil Podcast crew will be decided. It's going to be a good 'un!