Episode 13: Resident Evil 6

Originally recorded just weeks after the game's initial release in October 2012, this episode features a fully comprehensive breakdown of the entire game from story, to characters, to game play and those god-awful vehicle sections. No stone is left unturned as Resident Evil 6, the good and the bad, is taken to task by the PU team. Neptune cannot work out how we've evolved from searching for gold crests round a spooky old mansion to chasing evil clones round China in a Mazda MX5, whilst S.T.A.R.S_Tyrant builds up Derek Simmons as a potential Albert Wesker successor only to be dismayed by Capcom's ultimate resolution for him. Meanwhile, George Trevor searches hard for any positives about the game and TheBatman breaks down the overall plot and talks a bit about some of the new organisations and world-building aspects that add to the overall universe. But perhaps the biggest question remaining is where exactly can the series can go from here? 

So sit back, turn off the lights and relax. This is the big one...
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