Episode 14: Resident Evil 2012 Retrospective

After being MIA since Episode 8, the manhunt for Mr. Spencerfinally ends as Neptune locates him in a rundown bar in Southampton with a holein his memory and overwhelming feelings of guilt. After insulting the barmaidand almost starting a bar fight, Neptune persuades Mr Spencer to return to theProject Umbrella Podcast fold. It’s where he belongs…

The main focus of this episode is a retrospective review of2012 due to the unprecedented amount of media that was released for the series.Despite being of varying quality, we look back at Resident Evil: Revelations,Operation Raccoon City, Resident Evil: Damnation and of course Resident Evil 6offering thoughts and opinion with reflective eyes. Neptune was also planningan extensive review of Resident Evil: Retribution but thankfully the threat of deathfrom the rest of the panel vetoed such a feature. We finish with a small segment on our hopes forthe series moving forward and finally the quiz.

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