Episode 20 - Resident Evil Zero

Another golden oldie now as we slowly but surely work through the back catalogue of old episodes. This one covers the original release of Resident Evil Zero on the Nintendo Game Cube and was originally recorded in August 2013. The news at the time was pretty slow with Capcom seeking feedback on the polarising Resident Evil 6 and the release of Naughty Dog's 'The Last of Us' being more in line with what fans expect from a survival horror title. 

For the main discussion Batman largely stands alone in his defence of Zero with the majority opinion being that it failed to capture the magic of Remake and the implementation of too many gimmicks such as the partner zapping and lack of item boxes soured the experience somewhat. As always we discuss what was good, what was bad, and analyse the characters, environments, enemies, and the story. So if you're into giant insects, leeches, magic elevators and comic book NPC powers, this one is for you. Special community guest is Yoke.

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