Episode 22 - Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2

As Remake 2 creeps ever closer, time to take another trip back to Raccoon City with our review of Outbreak File 2. Originally recorded way back in 2013, we look back at the news of the time, including a Shinji Mikami interview where he comments on the change of direction for the franchise related to sales of the original remake. Other news includes the possible reveal of Resident Evil 7 through the resume of a costume designer and we also look back at our recent trip to Bristol and getting caught up in a biohazard infecting the whole town. Then there is an important reveal that our chief translator for ongoing projects seems to be a random woman working in Tesco...

For the main discussion the team look back at File 2 of the Outbreak series. Released to much criticism following the massive success of Resident Evil 4, this title was soon confined to memory and bargain bins across the globe. But was it simply a failed online experiment or actually a hidden gem that was released way ahead of its time?

Special guest is the Selfish Gene.


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