Episode 23 - Resident Evil: Degeneration

Here the team take a retrospective look back at the first CG movie that was Resident Evil: Degeneration; the story that really opened the door to the global bioterrorism angle the series still finds itself firmly entwined with today. The film was directed by Makoto Kamiya all the way back in 2008 (or 2011 if you're Neptune), from a script by Shotaro Suga; the man who really held the creative keys to the franchise for some time with further writing credits to come in the form of Darkside Chronicles, Damnation and as a co-writer of Resident Evil 6. Here the podcast crew hold a lengthy debate on the film, discussing plot, characters, setting and motivation, debating whether it adds a substantial world-building slice to the overall mythology cake or whether it is just a forgettable standalone story. Welsh also pops by to discuss and reveal various unknown aspects cut out of the original Resident Evil on the Sony Playstation and the quiz heats up as we move ever closer to the climax of season 2.

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