Episode 24 - Resident Evil Miscellaneous

In what was originally going to be the finale for the Project Umbrella Podcast, the team sit down for a round table discussion dedicated to topics chosen by community members. These included Wesker's Report 2, the rejected George Romero movie script, U.S. Government involvement in Raccoon City and the chronology of events at the Arklay Mansion following the t-Virus spill on May 11th. The next segment features a lengthy interview with our special guest D.C. Douglas who recounts candidly how he got the part of Wesker and originally had to voice match both Richard Waugh and Peter Jessop before being able to put his own stamp on the character. As a special treat, DC also performs an in-character reading of Wesker's Extra Report; a document shedding further light into the events of 'Umbrella's End'  that signalled the final downfall of the insidious pharmaceutical giant. STARS_TyranT then takes over to provide a chronological retelling of Resident Evil releases over the last generation, starting with the announcement of Resident Evil 5 and the 'running zombies' trailer all the way back in 2005 to Resident Evil Revelations HD being released to consoles in May 2013. Neptune hosts the 'Project Umbrella Podcast Awards' and then it's the dramatic finale Season 2 finale of Neptune's Biohazard Quiz. Following this it's a tearful goodbye and then we all ride off into the sunset never to return... (But it's amazing what the impact of Capcom announcing a HD remastering of Resident Evil Remake can do to entice one back to the fold...)

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