Episode 26 - Resident Evil 5: Lost In Nightmares

This episode features an in-depth look at what is possibly the greatest piece of downloadable content ever made as we welcome George Trevor back into the fold and finally submit to his non-stop requests to have an entire episode dedicated to Lost In Nightmares. We kick off with news discussion, commenting on general release reaction and sales of the Remake HD before previewing the final release trailer for Revelations 2 which all but confirmed the return of the Uroboros Virus. Then the main discussion is an in-depth look at the first story DLC package for Resident Evil 5 originally released back in 2010. With speculation growing as to the identity of the villain in the upcoming Revelations 2, we discuss at length the story implications of Lost In Nightmares and the impact of the Wesker Children and Alex. Oswell Spencer's motives are analysed and we chart how the story files presented in LIN link all the way back to Wesker's Report II and beyond. The team also talk about the general game play style and how the over-the-shoulder camera can be effective in a slower-paced horror setting, concluding that Lost In Nightmares is perhaps the greatest 'slice' of Resident Evil we've had for years.

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