Episode 27 - Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episodic Breakdown

In an experimental episode, we cover the release schedule of Resident Evil Revelations 2 in the way Capcom intended by assembling once a week to review and analyse each episode as they came out, providing the unique opportunity to comment and speculate without knowing what is coming up next. Here Neptune hands the hosting reins over to a slightly uncomfortable Batman due to his refusal to purchase digital only media and is staying spoiler free until the disc release is available. Originally recorded in four separate segments over the course of a month, George Trevor is present for the discussion of Chapter 1: The Penal Colony and then its over to Rombie, STARS_TyranT and TheBatman to cover the remainder of the game in an intimate and informative chat. Predictions are made, motives are challenged and opinion is split in this honest and frank review of Capcom's latest addition to the Resident Evil lore. 

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