Episode 30 - Ada Wong Special

Another experimental episode this one with an entire discussion dedicated to the enigmatic Ada Wong, charting her journey across the whole series from her first mention in a file in Remake to her destruction of Carla Radames' laboratory in Resident Evil 6. News discussion includes the official announcement of Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster due for release early next year and the English release of Marhawa Desire Volume 5; finally bringing the curtain down on this seemingly never-ending manga series. We then have a small sub-discussion on Separate Ways; the original PS2-exclusive unlockable campaign for Resident Evil 4. We offer opinion on whether it fixed the storyline for that game and speculate about who her true employers of the mysterious 'Organisation' really are.

The main discussion then looks at Ada's character and the impact she has had across the series. Following the death of Albert Wesker she has now been elevated to one of the key players in the entire saga. We go back right to the very start when she worked for Derek Simmons in her early days as a spy before joining Umbrella's rival company, infiltrating the Arklay Lab and getting close to John Clemens. Her relationship with Leon is explored in Resident Evil 2 and of course her fractured partnership with Wesker is finally exposed in the climax of Resident Evil 4. Her appearances in Resident Evil: Damnation and Resident Evil 6 are also reviewed as we try to shed light on what her ultimate motivations may be. And no, we still don't have a clue.
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