Episode 34 - Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour

And so after four long years the next numbered entry for the series has finally been revealed, showcasing a return to full-on horror and a somewhat controversial first person perspective. Here the team dissect the release trailer and 'Beginning Hour' demo made available for PS4. The parallels to PT are obvious and Rombie discusses the demo's origins harkening back to the infamous VR 'Kitchen' demo from last year. Plot speculations are discussed with a hope for a more grounded story away from the global effects of bioterrorism and large, unrealistic monsters and concepts. Could this be the remnants of a long-forgotten Umbrella experiment, or can the entire plot be uncovered by simply watching the infamous X-Files episode 'Home'? 

In other news, STARS_TyranT gives his appraisal on the PS4/XBOX1 port of Resident Evil 5, and is forced to defend the game once again following scathing attacks from Neptune and George Trevor. We also discuss release reaction to Umbrella Corps and no prizes for guessing who has a mental breakdown over that one... TheBatman has potentially lost his marbles trying to defend the game and for safety reasons it was agreed by all before recording commenced that there would be no mention of Wesker clones.
Neptune's biohazard quiz hits an all-time low and prepare yourselves for 'googlegate' and the revelation that Raccoon City Police Officer David Ford was a former astronaut. All those mysterious typing sounds heard during previous quiz questions that no one would ever own up to may finally have their origins revealed...
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