Episode 35 - Resident Evil Umbrella Corps

Well here it is... Medics are on standby and Wesker clones lurk in the darkness as our team tackles the latest addition to the series with Umbrella Corps. S.T.A.R.S_TyranT and Rombie lead the offensive in what they describe as not only one of the worst games in the franchise, but also one of the worst multiplayer shooters of all time. TheBatman once again bites on the little canon fishing hook Capcom love to cast out on their unsuspecting fanbase and valiantly tries to defend the game and The Experiment campaign to no avail. We discuss each locale in turn and what they bring to the table, almost coming to blows over the Umbrella factory and then a surprising stalemate over the Antarctic base. Other discussions include what the point of the game being canon is and what it adds to the mythos as well as a review on the multiplayer aspects, the customisation and the numerous bugs being reported. This is survival of the fittest...

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