Episode 38: Resident Evil - Corporate Espionage

Welcome to our 2016 Christmas special in which a suggestion by Rombie resulted in an episode dedicated to the various shady organisations that populate the Resident Evil universe. We also have a discussion on the recently updated Beginning Hour demo for Resident Evil 7 now available for all consoles and the new 'Tape 3' trailer. For the main chat, Mr. Spencer presents a detailed thesis on Umbrella's clandestine relationship with the U.S. Government dating back to the dark times of the Cold War, and we look at Umbrella's fall from grace and how replacements such as Tricell and WilPharma fared. So grab a sherry and a mince pie and enjoy as Neptune gets a little too carried away with the festive stuff, Batman tries to clarify the history of Umbrella's rival company only to complicate things even further, and George Trevor decides he doesn't like Resident Evil 7, despite it being everything he has been desperately hoping for for so long. Look out for bread monsters.

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