Episode 48 - Biohazard STARS 2

Back by popular demand, Season 4 of the Project Umbrella Podcast signs off with the return of feature-length quiz special Biohazard STARS! This time Neptune returns to the role of quiz master presiding over a fiendish selection of Biohazard questions spanning the complete series. We have three teams ready to do battle with the United Kingdom divided by 'Team Up North' comprised of Batman and Ty, and 'Team Down South' with Mr. Spencer and George Trevor. But waiting to outwit them both is 'Team Down Under' made up of Rombie and returning special guest The Selfish Gene. Battle lines are drawn as each competitor has their series knowledge tested to the very limit and of course every true fan should know what the trademark says on a box of grenades in a single frame if you pause the screen and turn your TV upside down and use google translator, right? 

And please also extend a very warm welcome to the newest member of our podcast family, little Daisy!

Should you wish to take part and beat our scores, download your own answer card courtesy of Neptune and play along! 

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