Episode 5 - Resident Evil 4

Delving back into the archives once again we have for your listening pleasure our review of the very diversive Resident Evil 4; the game some say saved the franchise and others believe destroyed it. Originally recorded in April 2012 the news is dominated by more post-release reaction to Operation Raccoon City with the introduction of the timed exclusive Nemesis mode DLC for the XBox, prompting Neptune to enquire if we can get his tentacle out... Fittingly our community guest is Smiley; a man who very wisely invested his entire inheritance in bulk buying Operation Raccoon City in the hopes it would be a massive success. Needless to say he is still not a millionaire.

We have a sub-discussion on the many beta builds of Resident Evil 4, discussing black fog, hookmen, Devil May Cry 4 and the influences of games such as Haunting Ground and Clock Tower. Early story builds included Spencer's sons and the origins of the Progenitor Virus which would have been much more agreeable to what we eventually got. 

For the main discussion, we go through the game from top to bottom, talking about the new gameplay style and controls, as well as the obvious switch to action from horror. We go through the characters and enemies, lamenting Umbrella's pre-credits demise and of course explain how the infamous boulder has eclipsed Albert Wesker as the series best recurring villain. Spoiler alert: Mr Spencer's favourite part of Resident Evil 4 is the fact that Jill is not in it.

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