Episode 50 - Resident Evil 2 (Remake) Part 1

After years of hoping and wishing, Capcom have delivered us Resident Evil 2 Remake and trailing close behind is Part 1 of the Project Umbrella Podcast. 

Come join Neptune, BatMan, STARS Tyrant and Rombie as they look exclusively at the gameplay, characters, graphics, art design and sound of this brand new entry in the series Discussions regarding the canonicity of this game are to be reserved for the next podcast, with Episode 50 trying to answer the question that has plagued the Biohazard series for 15 years - can you have a proper survival horror game with the "over the shoulder" view point?

Debate is thorough and detailed as the boys take you through the games location recalling personal tales of horror, survival and near-misses with zombies, lickers and British Tyrants.

Is this the game everyone has been waiting for? Does it stake up next to the beloved original? And will Neptune buy the OST DLC?

Find out in what surely has to be a fitting tribute to our 50th podcast.

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