Episode 6 - Resident Evil 2

Slowly but surely we're working our way back to the very beginning and now comes another episode that's almost 5 years old can you believe... This time we look at the absolute masterpiece that is Resident Evil 2, almost a perfect sequel in many ways and one of the biggest games of 1998. In the news discussion we are still getting bogged down in the aftermath of Operation Raccoon City and there is a brief chat on Resident Evil 1.5 before moving onto the main event. Each of us has fond memories of Resident Evil 2 and we talk about the storyline, the atmosphere, the scenario zapping system and the characters. So enjoy this retrospective look back on an old classic before Capcom unleashes Remake 2 and ruins everything. Our guests this week are The Selfish Gene from The Horror is Alive and Welsh. 

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