Episode 61 - Resident Evil Village Reveal

After months of rumours, Resident Evil 8, dubbed Resident Evil Village, has been formally announced to world as the first Biohazard title for the next generation of home consoles. Join Neptune, Stars Tyrant, Rombie, and special guest Yoke as they analyse the recently released trailer and discuss theories involving the characters, plot, and location, whilst also simultaneously trying to put to bed the idea that we will be seeing actual werewolves in this game! Please note that whilst the internet is rife with potential story leaks you can be assured that at the Resident Evil Podcast, such leaks are not disclosed meaning this is a spoiler free Podcast (outside of officially released material). We also see partake in a sub-discussion touching on the controversial Resident Evil 4 remake announcement where we look at the sudden change of lore relating to Las Plagas and the NE-alpha parasite. Please enjoy.

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