Episode 68 - Resident Evil Village: The Spoiler-Free Review

Thanks very much to Capcom, this episode got to see the guys get their hands on review copies of Resident Evil Village well in advance of official release and here the team assemble to offer their preliminary thoughts and a technical review of the complete experience. We had strict rules to follow so rest assured you will not find any spoilers within and this review will not tarnish your initial playthough of Village in any way. But we hope we can entice, tease, and present a flavour of what to expect. We discuss the overall feeling and atmosphere of the game, some of the enemies, the addition of The Duke and the crafting system, and also the technical performance of the PS4 and PS5 versions. We look at how the gaming world and the exploration works and STARS_TyranT briefly offers his thoughts on the welcome return of Mercenaries mode. Please enjoy.

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