Episode 72: Resident Evil ‘The Reports‘

This episode sees the team look back at the 20th year anniversary of the original Wesker's Report, a special limited edition DVD that originally accompanied pre-orders of Resident Evil Code Veronica X on the PS2. Narrated in universe by Albert Wesker, we discuss its lasting impact, canonicity, and the subtle updates it has received over the years as well as touching on both Wesker's Report II and Wesker's Extra Report. From there we dissect Jessica's Report, Ada's Report, and finally the Baker Report as we assess how much they add to our enjoyment of the games and how important supplemental materials are to the overall lore. 

In the news discussion we look at RE4 VR on the Occulus Quest 2 and have a quick preview of the 'Welcome to Raccoon City' live action movie reboot. 

Our thanks to Moni from residentevildatabase.com for the use of their DC Douglas narrated Wesker's Report 2 clips. 

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