Episode 8 - Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

In this episode we look back at this direct sequel to Umbrella Chronicles which released back in November 2009. Joining us for this one is one of our very own staff members in Sindra who has much to say about Claire Redfield and the impact of strong, independent female characters in modern gaming. Unfortunately it just had to be this episode with our first female guest that Mr. Spencer had one too many glasses of wine... But amidst the awkward flirting we have an in-depth discussion on Darkside Chronicles with a particular focus on Operation: Javier. We assess Javier Hidalgo, his daughter Manuela and the return of the t-Veronica virus and Jack Krauser. We also touch upon the retellings of Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica with Memories of a Lost City and Game of Oblivion respectively. There is also a debate on the new camera, the new mechanics and the bonus content before deciding whether it is an improvement over Umbrella Chronicles or not. Originally recorded in August 2012.

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