REP Podcast Presents: Resident Evil Audio Commentary

It may have taken six years but we have finally sunk to a new low and reached topics we promised we would never touch when we first launched this podcast venture. The first live-action Resident Evil feature film written and directed by Paul W.S. Anderson is a highly devisive and controversial entry resulting in many colourful and divided opinions across the fanbase. Those who listen to our podcast regularly will be well aware that aside from perhaps our astute and well spoken host, the film doesn't rate very highly on our spectrum. But we invite you now to join us in a viewing of the film with our commentary and opinions for your enjoyment. A tremendously excited Neptune is joined by Rombie, Batman and STARS Tyrant as we sit down and 'enjoy' this 'thrilling entry in the Resident Evil franchise'. For some of our panel it was the first time viewing the film for well over ten years and the result was interesting to say the least. Rombie at least provides many interesting annecdotes having closely followed the development of the film back in the day and Nick tells a tale about how he almost acquired a Cerberus prop from the film. We apologise in advance for some audio syncing issues with this one. Beacuse of our exemplary professionalism and enthusiasm about this particular venture, some of us had to quickly source last minute copies of the film in order to do this and therefore the speed issues between PAL and NTSC were an unavoidable factor. Be prepared to fast forward and rewind several times! This was an experimental and completely unedited spin off of the regular podcast so if you would like to see more of these commentaries, be it these films, the CGI movies or even playthroughs of the games themselves, then let us know. Please enjoy. 

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