REP Presents: Resident Evil Extinction Audio Commentary

Welcome back to our third audio commentary of the live action films created by Paul W.S. Anderson. This time we examine the desert focused installment after the T-Virus has wrecked havoc across the globe, seeming causing a mass Extinction. 

Join the team as we watch with you the ongoing adventures of Alice with her random psychic powers as she battles not only Zombies, but also pet Zombie Dogs, Super Zombies that can use cellphones, tornado Crows and a Tyrant that can roar away floor tiles.

Classic Resident Evil.

Guiding you through this monstrosity is Neptune, George Trevor, a returning Mr. Spencer and special guest Yoke. We also have STARS Tyrant watching this film for the very first time!

So grab some popcorn, hit play on this film and join in with the fun!

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