Episode 32 - Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

After a short break, the team reassemble for the first episode of 2016 focusing on the stunningly beautiful HD Remaster of Resident Evil Zero. There is quite a bit of news to catch up on starting with the announcement of a third Resident Evil CG movie starring Chris, Leon and Rebecca Chambers as well as the imminent DVD release of Biohazard: The Stage. We also preview Umbrella Corps and almost had to pause recording as STARS_Tyrant suffered some kind of breakdown as he drowned in his own despair trying to discuss the game. The bulk of the podcast is dedicated to a technical breakdown of the new Zero re-release in which we discuss all the new features and whether it has improved the game since its original incarnation on the Game Cube. TheBatman thinks it's now the best-looking game in the series but George Trevor believes the added beauty to the visuals still don't make him enjoy the game as much as he should. Just why does everybody love Remake and yet dislike Zero? 

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